Culture Centre Ahaus, Germany

  • It was decided that contrary to the brief, the existing concert house, especially the concert hall itself were important to retain
  • The additionally required library is set as a "Crown" on the stepped volume of the existing concert hall and fuses with the existing to create a compact and calm new volume.
  • The contrast between the raw bricks of the existing and the extension's transparent and translucent faces allow the different building phases to be clearly read, while expressing the complex interior life of the building in a clear coherent manner.
  • The retention of the existing building and extension with a low energy operating timber structure ensure that the life cycle material and carbon footprint of the building in minimised compared to a complete new build.

Roswag Architekten

Structural Engineer, Earth Building Consultancy 
Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure

Landscape Architect Landschaftsarchitektur

Energy Concept 
Ziegert | Roswag | Seiler Architekten Ingenieure

Floor area 
ca. 4.995 sq m