New Extension to the Environmental Ministry in Dessau-Roßlau, Germany
2nd Round, Invited Competition, 2012

  • Design challenges: BNB Gold, extremely high requirements, Plus energy building, comfortable, energy efficient and regenerative natural building shell
  • Development of a new address in the city through public space, a generous foyer and public building functions in the ground floor
  • Horizontal seperation of public and in-office functions
  • Area efficient and functional organisation in plan
  • Daylighting and energy optimised facade treatment with in-set window profiles and highly insulated permeable timber-cellulose-earth wall build ups
  • Innovative pV integration, extends away from facade to acheive optimum angle while also acting as solar protection for the windows
  • Sustainable innovation through a renewable, repairable and recyclable natural building shell, foregoing use of cement, steel and concrete
  • Waiver of heating system due to energy optimised shell and internal heat gains

Roswag Architekten

Structural Engineering, Earth Building Consultation
Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure

Landscape Architect 
Capatti Staubach – Urbane Landschaften

Energy Concept
planungsteam energie + bauen

Floor area
ca. 3.800 sq m