Structural Engineering and Building Physics

In the design and optimisation of structures for new and existing buildings we accord sustainability high importance, weighing up individual aspects appropriately according to the project requirements. We employ building materials such as earth, timber, steel, glass or concrete where their specific properties have the greatest benefit. The search for the best possible harmony of structure and design offers great creative potential. The attraction of the design task is therefore independent of its size. Wherever possible, the planning of a structure encompasses the design of the construction as well as detail and workshop drawings. The proofs for the thermal and mechanical properties of building structures (building physics), fire safety and noise insulation are for us an integral part of the planning process.

The design and proof of wide-span civil engineering structures, shallow and deep foundations, crane runways and supporting frameworks for bridge and monolithic constructions present a welcome engineering challenge.

Our particular expertise lies in our extensive experience in the planning and renovation of monolithic load-bearing constructions made of earth, both nationally and internationally.