Laboratory and Research

Our Laboratory is specifically equipped to handle the testing of earthen materials as prescribed by DIN regulations or for other private requirements. Various manufacturers of earthen building products consult us during product development due to our expertise, experience and facilities. The controls for these tests are specifically determined by the properties of the earthen materials in question and require the upmost degrees of precision. Some special services, such as Raster Electron Microscopy or X-ray Crystallography, are passed on to a specialist mineralogy laboratory. In time for the expected introduction of the relevant building standards for the use of earthen bricks and mortars in early 2014, we are striving to achieve the designation of 'Testing, Certification and Development Centre for Earthen Materials' from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

Our competence within the sphere of sustainable and earthen building allows us to participate as an SME-Partner in national and international research projects. We are currently working in tight collaboration with relevant institutions across Europe.

Through our co-operation with and teaching positions at various universities, we provide voluntary supervision and guidance to a number of Bachelor and Masters students interested in earthen and sustainable building.