Energy Consultancy and Sustainability Evaluation

As trained energy and BAFA on-site consultants we design regenerative energy concepts and integrate these at the first possible opportunity into our schemes. By utilising the humidity controlling properties of natural building materials we are often able to design low- and plus-energy buildings completely without mechanical ventilation systems. Furthermore we asses buildings in line with the voluntary German DGNB Certificate for Sustainable Building as well as the BNB-System for public buildings and the American LEED Green Building Rating System.

With the increasingly integrated life cycle assessment methods available for Architecture projects, the fossil fuel dependency of buildings will continue to become more and more transparent. Through the use of carefully specified natural materials this reliance can be considerably reduced. Of increasing importance are the concepts of material re-use and adaptability in Architecture. Both Jahili Fort in Abu Dhabi and the re-use of a peat shed in Rossenheim as a residence show the advantages of natural materials in this regard.