Our activities encompass the complete spectrum of architectural services from strategic definition, design development and planning permission to works planning, realisation and documentation of the finished results (HOAI service phases 1–9 and FIDIC/RIBA works stages 0–7). We view the architects role as one of great responsibility: the co-ordinator and expert generalist combining knowledge from all aspects of building as did the master builders of old. We develop efficient solutions that use resources responsibly and serve the needs of the user economically and in the long term. Our building projects within Germany as well as internationally are often conducted from the role of a general planner aided by long term co-ordination with a close network of experts and specialists.

Building with earth and natural building materials 
Earth, timber, bamboo and many other materials can be temporarily borrowed from their natural life cycles for use in buildings and they can remain part of these cycles as long as they are not contaminated with chemical pollutants. Natural materials have many properties that improve interior climate, especially their ability to naturally control interior humidity levels is central to our aim of creating healthy architecture. We develop and research local building techniques and systems that could be implemented by small/middle sized firms. Over a long period we have gathered experience using earth, timber and bamboo as building materials, this experience has helped situate us as an internationally leading office in the sphere of natural building.

Integrated planning – Positive thinking 
Relevant questions for architecture and forward thinking building concepts can only be developed through direct dialog between integrated teams and the societies in which they are situated. These discussions can only be effective when themes are realistically orientated and accepted by the society. Our experiences with development projects has taught us that one must think positively, against the standard practices in the building sector, and above all to work at the same level as all participants with a positive motivation. In this way it is possible to create intensively developed, high quality solutions.

Teaching and lecture activities
We continually disseminate our knowledge through teaching opportunities and lectures, specifically: our specific position in Architectural discourse, our special attitude towards handling projects and our knowledge of building with natural building materials. For our International Projects we aim to develop methods of disseminating high quality hand-work based skills for the local workers.