New Life for a Peat Shed, Schechen, Germany

In Kolbermoor the clients rescued a historic peat barn that was in danger of demolition and disposal. The barn was dismantled, repairs undertaken throughout and then reassembled 15 km away in Schechen. The building fits seamlessly into its new context next to the station. Through the addition of a new highly insulated building shell, the barn becomes a home and workshop for basket weaving.

The new interior and exterior walls out of timber, cellulose and earth are slightly offset from the historic structure to make the different building phases clearly legible. The generated form brings the living and working areas together without a direct access between them.

A higher insulation standard and the regenerative wood burning heating system make the house a model for sustainable building. The improvement and re-use of a historic structure shows the potential contained in historic timber buildings. The utilised natural materials afford a comfortable and healthy interior climate and minimise use of fossil resources.

Stefanie and Emmanuel Heringer

Usable floor area
259 sq m (heated), 229 sq m (unheated)

Annual primary energy requirement
38% of EnEV (2009) reference building 

first construction phase 12/2013

Architect, Sustainability and energy concept
Roswag Architekten
with Guntram Jankowski (LP 1–5)

Structural Engineer, Earth Building Consultancy
Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure

Fritz Bender Baupreises 2016
GEPLANT + AUSGEFÜHRT (Honorary Mention)
Das Goldene Haus 2016 (Extra Price)
National Competition „HolzbauPlus 2016“ (Special Mention)


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Malte Fuchs, Client and Roswag Architekten