We have constructed a pavilion BAMBUSWELTEN at the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) in Berlin-Marzahn with Bambuseto and other partners. The pavilion will be  showcasing the potential of bamboo as a construction material until mid-October. Bamboo is a rapidly growing grass and can be harvested and used after just three years. The exhibition focuses on buildings and objects created using this remarkable plant. A series of events, including a Tea-Ceremony from the Tea Master Yali Yu, will give visitors the opportunity to relax and reflect on the use of natural building materials while enjoying the sunset over Hellersdorf.

The TORRE DI BAMBÙ was constructed in 2015 as a collaboration with Bambuseto and other partners. The tower was shown at the exhibition 'Green Utopia 2015', a special show at the Milan Design Week.

The Bamboo Roof Sculpture was created during the project Natural – Architecture in Dialogue at the Villa Massimo.

Facts Bamboo Tower
Total height: 8 m
Height of ring: 6.9 m
Diameter at base: 4,5 m
Diameter at top: 4,2 m
Number of bamboo poles: 128
Total length of bamboo: 600 m

Facts Bamboo Roof
Roof construction from woven bamboo on bamboo columns 9,50 m x 4,60 m
11 Bamboo plants ca. 8 m tall

Partners and Sponsors

Architecture and Structural Planning
Ziegert | Roswag | Seiler  Architekten Ingenieure

Material and Design

Sponsored from Eike Roswag-Klinge’s stipendium from the Villa Massimo 2013
Deutschen Akademie Rom Villa Massimo

TU Berlin, Institut für Bauingenieurwesen, 
Fachgebiet Entwerfen und Konstruieren – Verbundstrukturen

Base Construction
Artis GmbH


Metal Elements
FIERA S.r.l.

Layout Exhibition Panels
Christiane Liebert

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vimeo: Torre di Bambù – „Green Utopia“, Milan