Selected Projects Architecture

Design African Bamboo Plants, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
New construction of factory buildings out of bamboo,
development of new and ambitious bamboo structural systems
Client: African Bamboo PLC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
under construction Therapy Centre for Women and Children, Chamchamal, North Iraq
Construction of a centre for animal-assisted therapy in timber and earth
Client and project partner: Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights
  Old Palace, Doha, Qatar
Investigation and rehabilitation of the first ruler’s palace
to form the centre piece exhibit of the New National Museum
Client: Qatar Museum Authority QMA, Doha, Qatar
  Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi
Conservation Consultancy for Design and Construction execution and Documentation
Client: Abu Dhabi Toursim & Culture Authority (TCA)
  New Flexim Firm Building, Berlin , Germany
Development of an extendable, flexible use production,
research and administration building
Client: Flexim GmbH
2016 Housing on Kleinen Wannsee, Berlin, Germany
New construction of a low-energy standard residential building with
pure timber structural system; Shell from natural building materials
  Town House Lübsche Straße, Wismar Germany
Restoration of a two storey house with gable roof and older annex
with parts of the structure dating from 1400, brewery from 1680
Client: Friedrich Däuble and Claudia Däuble-Genelin
  Living, Working & Construction Re-Use, Schechen, Bayern, Germany
Dismantling of a historic timber barn and reassembly on a new site;
Re-use as a two-storey house with workshop spaces
Client: Stefanie and Emmanuel Heringer
Architect (LP 1–5): with Guntram Jankowski
2013 Earthen School Tipu Sultan Merkez, Pakistan
Construction of a school building, ground floor with load bearing earthen walls
and a light bamboo framed upper floor
Client: VEBS – Verein für Entwicklung, Bildung und Selbsthilfe e.V.
  Cultural Site in Onna, Abruzzen, Italy
Reuse, Energy efficient optimisation of the building shell,
Permanent local history exhibition, library and cafe
Client: Stiftung Erdbebenhilfe Onna der Deutschen Botschaft in Rom
Project Coordination: Deutsche Botschaft Rom
2012 Workshop Artis GmbH, Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany
New construction, Highly insulated natural building shell from timber and cellulose
Client: Artis GmbH
  Residence Koppenstraße, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany
Restoration of an old wash-house and conversion into a residential building
Client: Arnd und Gerrit Engel
Architect (until design planning): Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
  Roof-Use Concept for Tempelhof AirportGermany
Assessment and development of different usage concepts focus on human, energy, and nature
Client: Tempelhof Projekt GmbH
  Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute, Campus, Apam, Ghana
Masterplan and preliminary design
Client: Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute
2011 Habitat Initiative Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
Realisation of 11 preschools and village community houses
by local workers using an earth and bamboo system
Client: Aga Khan Foundation Mozambique
2010 Reading Pavillon Assilah, Morocco
Design of a rammed earth reading pavilion for children
Client: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH)
  Muwaiji Fort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
Renovation assessment
Professional direction, management and site supervision of the renovation works by architects and engineers
Client: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH)
  School Campus Oase Skoura, Morocco
Masterplan for the whole campus, re-construction and extention of the primary school 
Client: Ain Agadem Stiftung, Munich
  Residence Müller and Rutschke, Reichenow, Germany
New low-energy house without mechanical ventilation;
Use of natural building materials including timber, cellulose and earth
Client: Matthias Müller and Ines Rutschke
Architect: Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
  Forest House Prenden, Brandenburg, Germany
Design of a year-round occupied house and atelier in natural building materials
Client: privat
2009 Schlesische Straße 26, Berlin, Germany 
Ecological office conversion, DGNB Gold certified
Client: Ziegert | Roswag | Seiler Architekten Ingenieure
  Conference Area of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers, Berlin, Germany
Flexibel zu teilender, eingestellter Glaskubus als Konferenzbereich mit dem zuge­hörigen Sanitärbereichen und Leitungsbüros
Client: Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer
Architect: Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
  Courtyard housing, Elstal, Germany
Design, Conversion of conservation listed motor hall in the 1936 Olympic Village into barrier-free flats with various different plan types
Client: GbR Olympisches Dorf
  Al Qatarra Fort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
Assessment of the building condition and recommendations for renovation through Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure and technical guidance during site supervision through Roswag Architekten
Client: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) via Cultural Innovation, London
  Oasis Restaurant Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
Design for a high-class restaurant in the centre of the Al Ain Oasis
Client: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH)
Architect (until Phase II): Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
2008 Jahili Fort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
Restoration and re-use of a historic earthen fort to form a visitors centre with exhibition space
Client: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH)
Architect: Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
  Neuseddin Fire Station, Germany
New construction of a timber building for the volunteer fire brigadeClient: Gemeinde Seddiner See
Architect: Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
  Plus Energy House – Residence Breitunger Weg, Berlin, Germany
Restoration and energy-efficient optimisation of a 60s house
Client: Anke Roswag and Jochen Dachmann
Architect: Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
2007 Westend Grün - White Earthen House, Berlin, Germany
Restoration and partial extension of an existing house
Client: Julia and Alexander von Seltmann
Architect: Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
2006 Rammed Earth Ihlow House, Märkische Schweiz, Germany
Private dwelling in load-bearing rammed earth construction extension to an existing rubble-stone barn
Client: Dunja und Matthias Hein
2005 School handmade in Bangladesh, Rudrapur, Bezirk Dinajpur, Bangladesch
New school building in massive earth and bamboo
Client: Dipshikha/ METI Bangladesh in partnership with Shanti e.V. Germany
Architektur: Anna Heringer (design/concept); Eike Roswag (technical planning)