African Bamboo Plants, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
New construction of factory buildings out of bamboo, development of new and ambitious bamboo structural systems

  • Development of significant pilot projects which serve as models for the usage of Ethiopian bamboo in the construction sector
  • Planning of the entire buildings as well as infrastructure of the factories for the manufacture of different bamboo products
  • Three factory complexes are planned on different sites, each of which includes office buildings, a cafeteria, residential areas and service buildings.  Additionally 20–25 collection centres in the bamboo growing region are part of the scheme.

African Bamboo PLC, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Preliminary draft: February 2012 to April 2012
From draft to detailed design: October 2012 to March 2013

Overall Planning, Architecture 
Roswag Architekten

Planned gross floor area
ca. 30.000 sq m

Structural Enginee
Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure

GIZ, promoting the training for artisans (in negotiation; promoting technology development and training for artisans) EiABC, Addis Abeba University (material testing)