Awards / Competitions

2017 KfW Awards Bauen und Wohnen 2017
Town House Wismar, Conversion of a Unesco World Heritage Building (Honorary Mention)
  National Competition 'HolzbauPlus 2016'
New Life for a Peat Shed (Special Mention)
2016 Das Goldene Haus 2016
New Life for a Peat Shed (Extra Price)
  'Exemplary Building' Award by the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Wüttenberg
Viewing Platform Ellbachsee
Valley Station ‘Sankenbach Lodge’ Baiersbronn
  TERRA Award – 1st International Prize for Contemporary Earthen Architectures
Jahili Fort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (awarded in the category: 'Interior Layout & Design')
Lehmschule Tipu Sultan Merkez, Pakistan (Honorable Mention)
as well as the works of Hannsjörg Voth in Morocco, for which we are currently establishing a management plan (category: 'Exterior Design, Art & Landscape')
  2nd Prize: 'Stadt im Wandel – Stadt der Ideen' Award 2016
BASAR BERLIN – the new pioneer city,
Ziegert | Roswag | Seiler Architekten and Studio Schultz Granberg
  Fritz Bender Baupreises 2016
Workshop Artis and New Life for a Peat Shed
  German Bridge Construction Prize 2016
Donausteg Bridge in Deggendorf (Prizewinner in the category 'Foot and Bicycle Bridges', Service Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure: workshop planning of the steel elements)
Arch Bridge Grubental (Nominated in the category 'Road and Rail Bridges')
New Life for a Peat Shed (Honorary Mention)
2015 Tourists Viewing Tower FreudenstadtTourists Viewing Tower Freudenstadt
1. Prize. Competition Entry (Architect: Partner und Partner Architekten)
  Eike Roswag representing the office received the KAIROS Culture Prize 2015.
We thank all our partners who contributed to this achievement.
2014 'KlimaSchutzPartner 2014'
New Flexim Headquarders, Berlin
(Prizewinner of the category 'Successful and Innovative Design')
2013 Architekturpreises Berlin 2013
Workshop Artis (Honorable Mention)
  'Architecture for Necessity', Art Museum Virserum, Schweden
Earthen School Tipu Sultan Merkez (Winner)
Workshop Artis (Honorary Mention)
Workshop Artis, Berlin (Prizewinner)
  Green Buddy Award 2012
Workshop Artis, Berlin
(Prizewinner of the category Ökologisches Bauen/Energetische Gebäudesanierung)
  PROM des Jahres 2012
Workshop Artis, Berlin (Prizewinner)
  Deutscher Solarpreis 2012
Workshop Artis, Berlin (Badge)
2011 Holcim Awards 2011 Asia Pacific
Earthern School Tipu Sultan Merkez (Gold)
  'KlimaSchutzPartner 2011'
Workshop Artis, Berlin 
(Prizewinner of the category 'Successful and Innovative Design')
2010 The International Architecture Awards – The Chicago Athenaeum,  
Jahili Fort Al Ain (Prizewinner)
2009 Ludwig-Hoffmann Primary School, Berlin
Extension to the existing school building 
3rd prize, Architectural competition
  Europäische FarbDesignPreis
School handmade in Bangladesh (1st Prize)
  DENA Wettbewerb 'Mehr Wert – Wärme aus erneuerbaren Energien'
Plus Energy House – Residence Breitunger Weg (1st Prize)
2008 District Library Berlin-Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
2nd prize, Architectural competition (Roswag & Jankowski Architekten)
2007 Aga Khan Award for Architecture Tenth Award Circle
School handmade in Bangladesh (Prizewinner)
  Hans-Schaefers-Preis (BDA Berlin)
School handmade in Bangladesh (Prizewinner)
  International Bamboo Building Design Competition
School handmade in Bangladesh (1. Preis)
  Zumtoble Groub Award
School handmade in Bangladesh (Honorary Mention)
  Brandenburgischer Baukulturpreis
Rammed Earth House Ihlow (Honorary Mention)
2006  Emerging Architecture Award, Architectural Review, London
School handmade in Bangladesh (Prizewinner)