First stone laying for FLEXIM GmbH
The foundation stone was laid on the base plate of the new production and development building in the Boxberger Straße in Berlin on the 28th August 2014. Cornelia Yzer, Senator for Economics, Technology and Research and the County Councillor for Economy and Urban Development, Christian Graff were present.
The building is characterized through its sustainable timber-concrete hybrid structure and the use of CO2-neutral building materials. It is designed as EnEV -30% standard and received the award 'KlimaSchutzPartner 2014' in the category 'Successful and innovative planning'.
The architectural concept proposes a modular design, erected in different phases, that allows a stepwise expansion of the building to respond to the companie’s future growth. Completion of the new headquarters is scheduled for 2015.

After a successful collaboration in the working group for 
the creation 
of the user profile tenant fit-out, our office in the Schlesische Straße 26 
was awarded with DGNB certificate in gold at the Consens 2014.

After the English and the French issue of 'Earth Building Practice'
by Ulrich Röhlen and Christof Ziegert, the 2nd edition of the German release
has been published by Beuth Standard in April 2014.
This fully revised edition incorporates practice-relevant parts
of the new standard for earth building materials DIN 18945 to -47.